Friday, June 15, 2012

Maalai Poluthin Mayakathil

Following is an oldies, beautifully sung by Madam P.Susheela. I love the way it's lyric is narrated, very abstract but meaningful. The song describes about the feeling of a young widow who suffers from an uncertain future after the demise of her husband. Those days women were very much dependent on men. Most of them are devoted to serve their husband and so they weren't independent. Men were considered then as the sole bread-winner and protector of women. Those days people were unconvinced about women's ability in anything else other than home-making. That explains why a woman who lost her husband was seen with sympathy and the society had even seen her as a symbol of inauspiciousness. Today, women had moved out from the kitchen. We have women presidents who rule the country. We have women in the army whose gentle hands are proven good enough to hold the riffle. We have life-saving hands of the women doctors. Despite of these changes, I can't deny that they are still some group of people who are still looking down on women's ability. From my humble opinion, no man's ego is given the right to abuse a woman. We're living in the era of equality. The idea might seem new but the concept was there even in 'puranas'. Remember, there is no SIVAN, if there is no SAKTHI. That is the truth of nature.

Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakathile Naan Kanavu Kanden Thozhi,
Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakathile Naan Kanavu Kanden Thozhi,
Manathil Irunthum Varthaigal Illai, Karanam Yean Tozhi?
Karanam Yean Thozhi?
Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakathile Naan Kanavu Kanden Thozhi

Inbam Silanaal Thunbam Silanaal Enbavar Yaar Thozhi?
Inbam Kanavil, Thunbam Ethiril Kaanbathu Yean Thozhi?
Kaanbathu Yean Thozhi?
Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakathile Naan Kanavu Kanden Thozhi

Manamudithavarpol Aruginile Or Vadivu Kanden Thozhi,
Mangaiyin Kaiyil Kungumam Thanthar,
Maalaiyittal Thozhi,
Vazhi Maranthe Naan Vanthavar Nenjil Sainthuvitten Thozhi,
Avar Maraven Maraven Yendral Udane Marainthuvittar Thozhi,
Paranthu Vittar Thozhi..

Kanavil Vanthavar Yaar Yena Keaten?
Kanavar Endral Thozhi,
Kanavar Endral Kanavu Mudinthathum Pitinthathu Yean Thozhi?

Ilamailyellam Verum Kanavu Mayyam Ithil Marainthathu Sila Kaalam,
Telivum Ariyathu Mudivum Teriyathu Mayangathu Ethirkaalam,
Mayangathu Ethirkaalam..
Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakathile Naan Kanavu Kanden Thozhi

Manathil Irunthum Varthaigal Illai, Karanam Yean Tozhi?
Karanam Yean Thozhi?
Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakathile Naan Kanavu Kanden Thozhi

Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakathile Naan Kanavu Kanden Thozhi

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Life as It Is

I can't wait for May to come its end because I'm tired of living hectic. By next week, I shall be done with Kota Bahru. I'm nervous a bit over some uncertain issues. I'm a traveller and I don't stay. The job had taught me much and now I'm heading towards my first flight. I'm not running out of the country as I'm just flying within the border. I'm nervous if I could catch it on time! Event is planned up to 1 pm, and the departure will be at 12.30pm. That means it's 'rush hour'. I still remember the following conversation between me and Firefly customer service representative:

Me: What if I miss the flight ? Do your insurance covers that?

Him : Well, sorry Miss. That sounds much like your money will be burnt. Boarding gate will be closed by 12 pm. Please ensure you be in before that.

The word 'burnt' keeps on ringing on my ears. I'm worried of whether it will be burnt and oh yea, I'm not sure if I'm ever allowed to claim for this. I never expect my boss to be more generous but wait a minute, I'm a guest. And aren't they suppose to take care of my welfare. I had to book flight because the event will be finished by 1 pm and the buses are only available in night. What I'm gona do till then? I don't mind if it's KL. Then, I reassured myself. That's ok, if nobody gona pay for me, I will. Money comes and goes, at least I'm earning my first flight experience.

This month is really spicy. I started by baking cheese cake, and it did turned up well. Cooking is not my biggest passion, but it helps me to relieve stress. I indulged in learning the arts of baking. Believe me, even the way you beat the eggs will influence on your cake's appearance and texture. Learnt it the hard way though. My family - they just love my invention. I tried grilling chicken too. If you ask me, why ? My new Khind Oven. I love it! It's spacious and convenient. Most importantly, it was very much affordable!

Earlier this month, I found myself craving for internal designing of my room. Hence, I worked hard on the arrangement of the furnitures. I love to admire well-arranged things. It makes me feel cosy, feel home. Part of me really loves home-making. For that reason, I don't think I will hire a maid for my home. I'm a little bit possessive of my belongings. I often feel like nobody can look after my belongings much better than I do. I get great satisfaction in doing so, even though it causes physical exhaustion at times.

I didn't forget of whatever passed but glad to say that they bothered me less. Memories flashed once in while, and I smiled, even for the matters which caused much heartbreak then. Thanks to my hectic schedule. I'm all over northern. I'm having mixed feelings, I love my job but I hate the pressure they give on the sales. I could guess that the government might call me any time from now. People say that government job is ideal but deep inside I'm not sure if that's what I really want. I'm not sure.I like to be productive but yet I hate to feel unstable. Haha, now I'm talking like Julia Roberts in Eat, Love and Pray. I always loved that movie.It was very inspiring that one should chase after his or her dream.

I have much more to write but yeah heard you mom! Time to sleep. I really felt sad over some issues. May made be more aware of how alone I am but soon I realized that I need nobody as long as Sai is with me. People walks in and out of my life. Most of them rarely last even a chapter but I appreciate those 'waterproof' type. No matter what, they stayed for me. I'm thankful. People often admires me for by independence and braveness. Who said woman can't survive without man? Look at me. I go places all alone to the extent that even my mom stop worried about me. I'm not even driving, I'm on public transportation.